About Us

Tag Team Games is a group of friends who like to make video games for fun. Our first game jam was at Global Game Jam in 2013. Ever since then, we’ve been trying to make games at least twice a year. Sometimes we’ll stream them; follow Hau on Twitch to get updates!

Dave Le
Lead Developer
Code slinging, bug wringing, software making, hip-hop booty shaking, volleyball playing, zombie game slaying, top down shooting, rogue like looting, tactics game rushing, RTS terran crushing, Hearthstone top-decking, League of Legends InSec-kick wrecking, XCOM recruits dying, Dark Souls invade crying lead developer.

Isaac Liao

Albert Park
Level Designer/Audio Engineer
Part time troll, part time bug creator. Usually messing around with levels, noise, and making sprites dance on command. Often spends the weekend living in fear of rebasing.

Hau Tran
Artist/UI Designer
UI/UX designer by day, and other broken dream pursuits by night. Kendrick Lamar is her hero. Loves cute things and food, order subject to change.